At MBElectrical we handle a wide range of electrical installations from residential to large commercial. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and diverse range of services using our highly qualified staff. 

MBElectrical offers the following within electrical installations:

  • > Electrical Design & Construction – mapping, planning and advising on the best electrical format for specific needs, followed through with implementation and construction
  • > Commercial lighting and power installations – planning, installing and maintaining lighting energy efficeny solutions.  Lighting is a major component for many large facilities and businesses, so evaluating lighting and power soloutions is important for both energy conservation, power quaity and money saving
  • > Computer Room Power Installations – deciding on a power management strategy for computer/server rooms can be a difficlut task.  Priorities must be assesed and service level requirements taken into account.  Talk to MBElectrical to discuss these requirements and to start implementing much more effective power into your information technology
  • > Lightning Protection & Flood Lighting – a lightning protection system will provide a low impedance path for the lighting and will lessen the electrical current, protecting structures and high risk areas.  MBElectrical also provide and install flood lighting, an artificial light that illuminates a large area, whether it be for stage
  • > Uninterruptible power supplies – supplying and installing equipment for when emergency power is needed.  MBElectrical UPS apparatus will supply power in times of emergency, while the main power supply is maintained/fixed
  • > Generator Backup Systems – when regular systems fail, a generator backup system will provide power and generator backup systems are widely used in hospitals, banks, data centres and telecommunications
  • > Building Tenancy Refurbishments – completing shop fit outs and finalising residential properties for the rental market, ensuring that electrical installations are met to legal standards and in line with tenants rights
  • > Energy Saving Systems – acknowledging the importance of climate change and the effective on the environment and understanding how crucial money saving power techniques are, MBElectrical are proud to offer and advise on energy saving plans and systems, minimising emissions from household items and lowering the carbon footprint of businesses.  Every little helps, even the most simple of plans by using energy efficient light bulbs
  • > Security systems and cameras – we have the best security solutions for access control, alarm systems, CCTV, camera and video surveillance, protecting you, your home and your business
  • > Clipsal C-Bus Installation Accredited  – Learn more about C-Bus systems for your home or business.